For London Bronze Editions, EVEWRIGHT’s new work will be Kissi Penny.  He writes: ‘two objects are found in street markets in different continents of the world. An Afro-comb bought in South Africa and furniture ornaments from Amsterdam. I cast them in plaster, breaking the elements into pieces, re-assembling them to create new abstract forms. A cultural lexicon of fragments emerges ready for the development of new characters and narratives. New art objects, installations and animations emerge as the relationship between the slave trade, migration, identity, race and class are explored. 

The artist re-names these objects £££ Kissi-Pennies $$$ – a name once given to ancient African iron currency used during the slave trade in West Africa. The notion of currency, market value, exchange and worth are challenged in relation to the values of human life. The work provides a multi-sensory, multi-layered approach that connects imagery from an unpalatable past interwoven with stories of the present. Migration continues globally, a powerful driver in the movement of people. The Kissi Penny becomes a new currency. As each artwork is sold a fresh financial transaction takes place, releasing – “the coins with soul,”- an ancestor to be set free, with hope, by the artist.’

Each artist will then gift Edition #1 of their work to a Key Worker. The remaining Editions are for sale on this website.The Editions are made at London Bronze Casting, where the UK’s finest craftspeople collaborate with contemporary Artists & Designers to research, develop and cast remarkable new work.

Vendor Contact: London Bronze Editions

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