EVEWRIGHT, is a British artist, with parentage from Jamaica. He is a multi-disciplinary visual installation artist, who challenges public environments to make spaces for Black British stories to exist and thrive.
His work is a conscious ‘mash up’ of drawing, sculpture, combined with digital film and live installations. He explores the intricate connections between the body and our experience of the modern environment, and  communicates this through bold interactive art, also using urban and rural landscapes as his canvas. He creates mirrors where he can see and recognise himself to instigate conversations in the mainstream about what it means to be Black and British in the UK today.
EVEWRIGHT work include exhibitions at The Royal Academy of Arts, BFI and Firstsite Gallery Colchester and a series of site-specific art and sound installations Caribbean Takeaway Takeover  held in Lloyds Bank London, Migration Museum London in 2019 and a Caribbean Café in Colchester in 2018.  
His sculptural work, includes the ££Kissi pennies$$, a series of sculptures that challenges the notion of value, currency, slavery and trade that is inspired by modern day migration and the ancient African former currency Kissi Pennies
EVEWRIGHT Is also concerned with socio-political issues of place, space and the movement of peoples. He explores film, storytelling in relation to drawing and his practice goes beyond the decorative and the 2D, employing drawing as a documentary tool to give voice to hidden stories and hidden peoples.
EVEWRIGHT has participated in several group and solo exhibitions including: Royal Academy of Arts Exhibition, London, Jeanne Kahn Gallery 2012 and Porters Gallery 2014. Other exhibitions are: 2023. First Solo Museum Exhibition | FIRSTSITE Gallery Colchester - LIBATION. 2023. Solo Exhibition | Migration Museum - Lewisham: About Face2023. Group Exhibition | Tilbury Terminal - BelongingsSolo Exhibition Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories: 2020 / 2021. Group Exhibition FIRSTSITE Gallery Colchester - Art for Life NHS Exhibition -Mothers Touch 2021. https://firstsite.uk/event/art-for-life Caribbean Takeaway Takeover: Identities and Stories, Lloyd Banking Group London 2020 and Migration Museum. London 2019, Caribbean Takeaway Takeover-Colchester 2018. https://www.evewrightarts.org/exhibitions  Firstsite gallery Britishness exhibition 2017, BFI British Film Institute.2015. Guildhall Gallery. No Colour Bar Exhibition 2015. ELECTRONICS ALIVE VIII Biennial, Tampa Florida USA 2015, Ripon Cathedral. Great North Art Show 2015. Nominated for the Young Masters Art prize 2014.Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, Medulla Art Gallery, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, 2013, 

2021. Artist EVEWRIGHT. Four prints from his ‘Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries Series’ have been acquired by the Government Art Collection @GovArtCol @dcms forming part of #ArtXUK #HereForCulture a permanent collection of new works. 

Henry Moore Foundation Artist Award 2023
Firstsite Collectors Award 2015

Derek Jarman Film Prize 2022.
Nominated for the Young Masters Art prize 2014

Selected Exhibitions include:
2023. First Solo Museum Exhibition | FIRSTSITE Gallery Colchester - LIBATION
With his major exhibition at Firstsite, EVEWRIGHT seeks to instigate and broaden conversations about what it means to be Black and British in the UK today, via a series of emotionally charged drawings, sculptures, digital films, photography, and recent performance all of which explore themes of migration, identity, race, class and journeys.
https://evewright.com/libation | 8th July - 29th October 2023.

2023. Group Exhibition | Tilbury Terminal - Belongings 
EAF presented a curated programme of Windrush Heritage, Art films screenings and projections in the original Grade II listed ticket hall over a 30-hour continuous period. The programme included two new film works directed by artist EVEWRIGHT including Motherless Child and Here I Stand, both exploring the resilience, identity, and determination of a generation, along with Windrush: Movement of the People a Dance film by Phoenix Dance Theatre, selected films from local artists Larry Achiampong, Elsa James,  performances from Gary Cordice, Ionie Richards and Ageless Teenagers and a selection of community films on the theme of migration created by young people and a live performance. 

2023. Solo Exhibition | Migration Museum - Lewisham: About Face 
The Migration Museum is exhibiting a new installation by multidisciplinary visual artist EVEWRIGHT as part of this year’s Windrush 75th anniversary commemoration and celebrations, exploring the artist’s own perspectives on growing up in Lewisham as the child of parents from the Windrush generation. http://www.migrationmuseum.org | On display until 16 July 2023.

2021. Group Exhibition | FIRSTSITE Gallery Colchester - Art for Life NHS Exhibition 
'Art for Life Project’ is a ground breaking exhibition that explores artwork produced during the recent pandemic. EVEWRIGHT will be exhibiting ‘Mother’s Touch’ a C-Type Print on Aluminium, 985 x 1302cm with Sound. This print shows one of the last moments EVEWRIGHT spent with his mother Clarice Agatha Reid, before she died in hospital during the first peak of Covid-19 deaths in the UK. It was a rare moment of togetherness before she was isolated from her family.
https://firstsite.uk | 17 May 2021

2020/2021. Solo Exhibition | Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories: 
Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories is an art and sound installation conceived by Artist EVEWRIGHT. It is the first site-specific art and sound installation to be held at the Port of Tilbury in Essex and the UK dedicated to people of the Windrush Generation. It is an immersive visual art experience, installed on 432 panes of glass collaged with photographs, documents, original boat passenger tickets and memorabilia. The artwork is installed in an original passenger walkway 55 metres long. As you walk through, you can listen to audio stories about the lives of some of the elders whose images are featured in the installation. http://www.evewrightarts.org | 22 June 2021

2019. Solo Exhibition | Caribbean Takeaway Takeover : Identities and Stories Mrk 4. POP-UP installation at the Lloyds Banking Group London Artist commission.
In celebration of Black History Month Caribbean Takeaway Takeover: Identities and Stories by EVEWRIGHT, a sound and art installation, has now been commissioned and transferred to Lloyds Banking Group,14th Floor Restaurant at their London Wall building in the heart of London's financial district. The space has been taken over, re-purposed and transformed into a site-specific art and sound experience from (30th October - 30th November 2019). The installation commemorates and celebrates the lives of 12 Windrush elders.

2019. Solo Exhibition | Migration Museum London – 
'Caribbean Takeaway takeover: Identities & Stories. Mrk 2.This installation has now been transferred from SS Caribbean Takeaway as a site-specific experience to the Migration Museum’s Breathing Space Café. Caribbean Takeaway Takeover: Identities and Stories is a sound and art installation featuring limited-edition photo etchings of 12 Windrush Generation elders, along with audio interviews and sound recordings of these Windrush Pioneers.
The Caribbean takeaway is an important cultural meeting place in the Caribbean community. A home from home, the kitchen is where meals are prepared, but also where stories are exchanged and shared. Going back to African roots, the Dutch pot or cooking pot was the central place for family activity. The takeaway has just as much cultural importance as the barbershop and the hairdressing salon for black communities living and working in the UK. 

2018. Solo Exhibition | SS Caribbean Takeaway Colchester – 'Caribbean Takeaway takeover: Identities & Stories'
Artist EVEWRIGHT devised an intervention in the takeaway café space created wall and table collages in conjunction with special limited-edition portraits of the participants using photo etching as a medium. The art installation is an immersive experience which depicts present images but also fading thoughts, aspirations and memories created to document and reflect participants lives. http://www.caribbeantakeawaytakeover.wordpress.com

2018. Group Exhibition | FIRSTSITE Gallery, Colchester – 'The Britishness Project'
‘The Britishness Project’ is a groundbreaking exhibition that explores national identity through art. The residencies have created content for a major exhibition at Firstsite, showcasing work made by young people in a gallery with an international profile. Evewright worked with the students at Harwich & Dovercourt school, using drawing, stop motion animation to produce an exciting film installation. http://www.evewrightstudio.com/firstsite-1/ | March 2018

2017. Group Exhibition | THE MAZE – MAMÜ Galleria | Budapest 
Evewright showcased a series of new works developed around the theme of Labyrinths within an artist residency in Hungary. http://conta.cc/2vODSBw | September 2017

2016. Group Exhibition | Platform Open Arts
Featured Artist. Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries has been chosen and Shown as an installation. Exhibition showed work of established and emerging artists from around the UK
Morphets of Harrogate Gallery | July 2016

2015. Group Exhibition | No Colour Bar
Canvas and Sand African Odysseys presents the screening two art films in partnership with BFI South bank and No Colour Bar: Mark of the Hand by Imruh Bakari Caesar and Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries by Evewright Guildhall Art Gallery & BFI Brtish Film Institute | 12 September 2015

2015. Group Exhibition | Great North Art Show 2015
Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries has been chosen will be featured at theGreat Northern Art Show, in Ripon Cathedral, North Yorkshire. The installation is an exploration of Britain’s natural coastal heritage, diverse people and horses, bringing the rural seascape to engage with audiences in the city.Great Northern Art Show 2015, Ripon Cathedral: 29 August 2015 – 20 September2015| http://www.greatnorthartshow.com

2015. Group Exhibition | ELECTRONICS ALIVE VIII Biennial ,Tampa Florida USA
Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries has been chosen to be screened and exhibited at the prestigious ELECTRONICS ALIVE VIII Biennial in Tampa Florida
ELECTRONICS ALIVE VIII Biennial | January 27—March 6, 2015
University of Tampa, Scarfone/Hartley Gallery |  http://ealive.utarts.com

2014. Group Exhibition | Young Masters Arts Prize, London
Evewright has been shortlisted for the Young Masters Art Prize and will be showing his Walking Drawing Across the Estuaries film installation at the exhibition.Young Masters 2014 | Lloyds Club | 17 September - 5 December 2014 The Cynthia Corbett Gallery | www.young-masters.co.uk

2014. Group Exhibition | Royal Academy of Arts, London
Curated and displayed in the Porter Gallery at the Royal Academy by Prof. Chris Orr MBE and Emma Stibbon RA theme of light. Evewright’s Film installation Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries was selected from 12,000 entries for one of the coveted spaces in the academy’s summer exhibition. The work curates along sides James Turrell’s RA HON’s installation Sensing Thought

2013. Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago
Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries was selected as part of the Special Programmes segment of the film festival and was screened at the Medulla Art Gallery in September 2013

2012. Group Exhibition | Royal Academy of Arts, London
On display in the Jeanne Kahn Gallery at the Royal Academy. Evewright’s Walking Drawings: Cumbrian Heavy Horses (i) print was selected from11,000entries for one of the coveted spaces in the academy’s summer exhibition. Curated by Barbara Rae RA with the collaboration of Chris Wilkinson RA. The Jeanne Kahn gallery focuses particularly on landscape and the works selected feature natural and built environments, with many artist examining how people inhabit and often leave their mark on the land.

2012. Group Exhibition | ‘Pop-up New Orleans’,New Orleans, USA
Art Below – Popup Exhibition in New Orleans USA 20 advertising billboards have been curated to showcase artistic expressions. bringing local and international artists together and enhancing the city’s unique city scape during the most festive time of the year - Mardi Gras 2012

2012. Group Exhibition | ‘Art of Angel, Angel Tube Station, London
Art Below - Art on the underground Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries-image ‘Cumbrian Heavy Horses was selected along with 14 other artists as a poster exhibition

2011. Commission. www.blackbrtish.me, National tour, UK Commissioned to produce Installation for renowned Theatre Company Talawa Evewright Studio created a new media public interactive art installation

2011. September Group Exhibition | Nunhead Cemetery, London Woodland Wonders
Curated By Jolanta Jagiello
Evewright exhibited a series of arresting sculptures using royal insignias
and coats of arms exploring the relationship between identity, race and class

2011. April Solo Exhibition | Four Corners Gallery, London
Walking Drawings Across the estuaries A captivating art exhibit consisting of three films and photography conceived and directed by artist Evewright.

2011. Group Exhibition | RSA (Royal Society ofArts) London Evewright Studio Showcase

2011. Solo Exhibition, Brewery Arts Centre,Kendal,
UK Walking Drawings Across the estuaries Photographic

2010. Group Exhibition | Morley College Gallery, London 
Made at Morley Exhibition Evewright exhibited one new Sculpture works at Morley Gallery as part of the Made At Morley Exhibition 2010.

2010. Morley Sculpture Society Exhibition, |Morley College Gallery, London
Evewright exhibited three new works at Morley Gallery as part of the
Morley Sculpture Society Exhibition.

2009. Salon - Open Exhibition | Four Corners Gallery,
London Evewright exhibited the installation Film Walking Drawings

2009. Portrait Competition | Morley College Gallery,London
Evewright was a finalist for the Morley College Annual Portrait Head Competition. The sitter was the award-winning National Theatre Actor Fiona Shaw. Winner of the People’s Choice Category.

2008. Stick*Stamp*Fly Exhibition | Gasworks Gallery,
London The exhibition features over eighty posters by a variety of practitioners across the UK

2005. Open Studios Group Exhibition, Cable Street Gallery,
London Part Of The Arts Unwrapped/Creative London Arts Council England initiative
2005. ‘Take 291 | 291 Gallery, London A showcase of experimental and underground films from emerging and established artists

2004. Six Of One | Menier Gallery,
London Premiere Screening Of Walking Drawings. Group Show

2004. Hastings Digital Film Festival,
Hastings UK, Special Screening Of Walking Drawings. Extracts of The Making Of Walking Drawings was featured on Out East, BBC News
Awards & Shortlists include: Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries Shortlisted for Young Master Art Prize 2014. The People’s Choice Prize, sitter was the award-winning National Theatre Actor Fiona Shaw (Morley College Annual Portrait Head Competition - 2010) Shortlisted For Channel 5 Great British Art Prize, curated Brian Sewell (Walking Drawings, Camber Sands, UK) – 2004

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