© EVEWRIGHT. Images above. Walking Drawings: Rotavation, 2012. C-type Prints 53.7 × 79.2cm. Image courtesy of the Artist EVEWRIGHT, Evewright Studio and Everton Wright Ltd all rights reserved 2024. UK Government Art Collection.
Dulwich Picture Gallery
14 Feb - 2 June 2024

Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries

Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries by EVEWRIGHT will be featured in this iconic Exhibition for 2024. Providing a compelling representation of the transformative impact of bodies moving in nature, both through the remnants of the marked seascape captured on film and through participants’ experiences of making the artwork. This approach to mark making in the landscape is reminiscent, in some ways, of the artist Richard Longs practice. However, EVEWRIGHT says that his work overtly ‘challenges public environments to make spaces for Black British stories to exist and thrive’ and, in particular reference to the Walking Drawings series, states that he drew inspiration directly and to commemorate The Morecambe Bay cockling disaster occurred on the evening of 5 February 2004 at Morecambe Bay in North West England,when at least 21 Chinese illegal immigrant labourers were drowned by an incoming tide after picking cockles off the Lancashire coast.

Soulscapes will celebrate the power of landscapes to evoke joy and pleasure, whether through the representation of personal experiences or through its expression in composition, colour and style. 

The exhibition is curated by Lisa Anderson, Managing Director of the Black Cultural Archives and founder of Black British Art. Anderson said: 

“Soulscapes grew from the periods of enforced ‘lockdown’ that millions experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. During the same period, the question of racial equality in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement helped ignite conversation about inclusion and social justice. These historical moments gave way to new possibilities for landscape art, which is being interrogated by artists in new and expansive ways. At a time when global consciousness has been profoundly attuned to the precariousness and power of the natural world.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dulwich Picture Gallery, founded in 1811, is the world’s first purpose-built public art gallery. It cares for and displays an outstanding collection of Old Master paintings within Sir John Soane’s pioneering architecture. As an independent gallery, which receives no regular public funding, it pursues its founders’ purpose of presenting art ‘for the inspection of the public’ while engaging as many people as possible, of all ages and backgrounds, through a creative programme. Entering the gallery space visitors discover a surprising and contemplative experience that encourages the discovery of personal connections with historic works of art – a place to Find Yourself in Art.

Dulwich Picture Gallery, Gallery Road, London SE21 7AD

© EVEWRIGHT. Kissi Penny : Sovereign. Images: Richard Ivey. All rights reserved 2023.

First UK solo show at Firstsite Gallery Colchester
Now open free to the public ( Tuesday - Sunday ) till Sunday 29 October 2023 all are welcome.

The first solo exhibition by the acclaimed British artist EVEWRIGHT, Libation is a collection of seminal works spanning 20 year. It also includes a major new floor drawing artwork from the front to the back of the Firstsite building.
The show’s title refers to the ritual pouring of liquid (usually alcohol-based) to pay homage to deities, ancestors or relatives who have passed away. Offering a libation was part of ancient Egyptian society and remains prominent in traditional Black and African cultures today not only for funerals but as a celebration of life for unions and weddings.

With his major exhibition at Firstsite, EVEWRIGHT seeks to instigate and broaden conversations about what it means to be Black and British in the UK today, via a series of emotionally charged drawings, sculptures, digital films, photography, and recent performance all of which explore themes of migration, identity, race, class and journeys.

Key works on display at the Colchester gallery will include ££ Kissi Pennies $$, a series of sculptures that echo Benin Bronzes and challenge the notion of value, currency, slavery and trade, while also being inspired by modern day migration and the former West African currency known as Kissi Pennies. 
Along with existing work, EVEWRIGHT has been commissioned by Firstsite to produce his first site-specific Walking Drawing artwork that’s been specially conceived to respond to the Firstsite building and the layers of archeology beneath. In the foyer and leading all the way through the vast building into the galleries, visitors will encounter a large floor drawing artwork. Black and bronze paint swept across the floor in abstract patterns and marks will guide visitors through the gallery, echoing and exploring the themes of journeys, movement and migration. This has been filmed and documented in the exhibition as a work in its own right. This unique new piece is displayed in situ during the exhibition period for visitors to enjoy.

As he reflects on this body of work that fill over three of Firstsite’s galleries, 


“This exhibition feels like a homecoming. Firstsite showed Mother’s Touch, one of my works, during Covid which was a difficult time in my life when my mother passed away. Now I am having a conversation with my ancestors recent and distant. In fact, Firstsite is built upon archaeological remains of an original Roman city so I am looking down through history conversing also with the Moors and Roman ancestors. Libation is paying homage to all these ancestors. As a descendant of parents from the Windrush generation their influences will continue to resonate in my work, conversations and perception of my place in the world as a Black British Artist”.

Sharing his excitement about Libation, Sally Shaw MBE, Firstsite’s Director comments:

“It is a huge honour to present EVEWRIGHT’s first public solo show and to host this exhibition during the 75thanniversary of Windrush. We have worked with EVEWRIGHT over the past 5 years on a wide range of projects; and after exhibiting his moving work Mother’s Touch in our Art for Life exhibition we wanted to provide a much larger platform which immerses us all in his work and the issues and themes he tackles.

“The artworks in this exhibition are hugely important, raising questions and highlighting issues which are often quickly swept out of sight and forgotten by the mainstream. Here EVEWRIGHT confronts us with imagery, ideas and perspectives which challenge us to question established narratives and examine the hidden and forgotten lived experiences underneath. Whilst difficult subjects are explored, there is also a huge amount of celebration and appreciation of the strength and resolve of past generations, in particular the Windrush generation, creating a powerful mix of emotions. Libation helps us all to explore individual and collective identities and histories to ultimately discover what unites us, how we can strengthen our connections and the actions we all need to take to make space for everyone to thrive in our society.”
© Artworks by EVEWRIGHT Lewisham: About Face – 'Where I began', Two C-Type archival prints 150cm x 200cm. Placed onto wallpaper of 1964 census document the year the artist was born. Evewright Studio all rights reserved 2023
Lewisham: About Face 
On display until 16 July 2023.

The Migration Museum is exhibiting a new installation by multidisciplinary visual artist EVEWRIGHT as part of this year’s Windrush 75th anniversary commemoration and celebrations, exploring the artist’s own perspectives on growing up in Lewisham as the child of parents from the Windrush generation.

Lewisham: About Face, EVEWRIGHT’s new site-specific multimedia installation, reflects on the places and the forgotten heroes of Lewisham’s past and present that have shaped the artist’s life. It pays homage to his mother, Clarice Reid, and the influences of his father, Lindon Wright. His brothers and sisters and other key local individuals also feature as part of a discourse of what it means to be Black and British today.

The Art installation along with audio and video is on display now till July in the windows of the Migration Museum in the heart of Lewisham Shopping Centre, a focal point for youth culture when the artist was growing up in the late 1970s and 1980s, which remains a popular community destination today.

Lewisham: About Face is on display at the Migration Museum until 16 July 2023. 
 In collaboration with Acme Studios and 'A Century of the Artist Studio' Exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery London, Artist EVEWRIGHT will be talking about his studio practice and his current work. This will be a rare opportunity to hear about the artist’s ongoing experimentation with colour and painting. And how he uses his studio to develop and explore lines of new artistic enquiry. 

Acme provides affordable studios, work/live space and a programme of artist support across London. As the charity prepares for its 50th anniversary, this conversation, chaired by previous Acme Fire Station artist and Co-Founder of Conditions Matthew Noel-Tod, brings together Acme artists, past and present, including EVEWRIGHT, Gayle Chong Kwan and Nikhil Vettukattiland, to consider the concerns of artists working with studio-based practices today.

Venue / Whitechapel Gallery London 17 March 2022 : Zilkha Auditorium 7pm -9pm
Creating spaces for Black British Stories
Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories – Artwork Vandalised 

Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories is an art and sound installation on display at Tilbury Port Essex. The installation takes over one of the original walkways where passengers from the Empire Windrush disembarked over 73 years ago. These citizens from the British Empire marked the first post war wave of people from the Caribbean who came to answer the call to help rebuild post war Britain.  
Yet the respect and recognition that these people, from the Windrush Generation deserve, still struggle to be accepted.  Several of the 432 panes of glass where the artwork is featured has been broken, with vandals indiscriminately targeting the bridge.
The installation captures the spirit and resilience of the many that came from the Caribbean through the images, documents and extracts from twenty-five audio. It is a unique site-specific art that resonate with the Black Caribbean and local communities.
In a recent survey 83% of visitors to the artwork said they would like the exhibition/installation to remain at the Port as a testament to the lives of the people of the Windrush Generation. Yet there are some that are actively trying to tear it down.
Despite the antics of those who seek to cause criminal damage, the work will remain open to the public and the work will not be silenced.
Tilbury Port Police and Tilbury Port are taking action to prevent further damage
There will be tours and talks in October to mark Black History Month and more to follow. 

Check https://conta.cc/3yYFyUH  for more information. 

© EVEWRIGHT. Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries. Titled from top left, Draw, Erase, Blue in Green Line and Blue in Green Circle
Today 1 June 2021 we can announce that four prints from EVEWRIGHT'S ‘Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries Series’ have been acquired by the Government Art Collection forming part of a permanent collection of new works. 
In response to Covid-19, the Government Art Collection (GAC) has acquired works by 45 contemporary visual artists from across the UK. The X-UK project celebrates the diversity of creativity around the country, and has supported artists directly during the pandemic.
Visual arts networks from across the UK were asked to nominate outstanding artists in their area to take part in the project which has supported 45 artists and resulted in over 90 works entering the Government Art Collection.
The newly-acquired pieces will join the 14,500 other works in the Government Art Collection which are displayed in Government buildings across the UK, including in No.10 and No.11 Downing Street, and internationally in British Embassies and Residences in a total of 130 countries around the world.

© EVEWRIGHT. Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories. Window 46. The Arrivals. They called we came. Evewright Studio all rights reserved 2020.


Following months of anticipation Evewright Arts Foundation (EAF) is delighted to announce Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories (TBWM) will open in June 2021. A special school’s event will take place on the 22 June Windrush Day. To mark the public opening of the installation a preview launch will be held on the 26 June. The installation will then open throughout the summer and autumn so the public can experience and enjoy the outdoor artwork in a Covid safe environment. Conceived and created by Artist EVEWRIGHT, TBWM is the first site-specific outdoor art and sound installation to be held at the Port of Tilbury in Essex and the UK dedicated to people of the Windrush Generation. 
Tilbury Port is an iconic location which has an historic significance to the black community in Britain. This artwork is a unique statement memorialising the lives of those people who came from the Caribbean who carried their British passports proudly as British citizens with hope and expectation. They passed through this location as one of the original walkways where SS Empire Windrush passengers, in 1948 arrived. Although many arrived before 1948, those that arrived here were the first large post war wave of British colonial citizens to disembark from the passenger ship at Tilbury Cruise Terminal. 

Evewright Arts newsletter promotes the releases of the first series of three 30 second teasers to promote the summer opening of his art installation Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories.
We are pleased to announce that Artist EVEWRIGHT will be appearing on Joanna Lumley's Home Sweet Home - Travels in My Own Land next Tuesday 2nd February 8pm - 9pm on ITV 
In the first episode of a three-part documentary, Joanna Lumley's journey starts at Tilbury Docks in Essex where she interviews him at the location where the artwork is situated.
Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories is an outdoor art and sound installation conceived by Artist EVEWRIGHT. It is the first site-specific art and sound installation to be held at the Port of Tilbury in Essex and the UK dedicated to people of the Windrush Generation. Due to Covid rule of 6, the outdoor installation is not expected to be opened to the public to visit until Spring / Summer 2021. 
A preview is available online at http://www.evewrightarts.org/  to view the installation, Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories with exclusive images and information about the artwork in its location. Visit our social media platforms. Follow him on @evewrightarts, @evewrightstudio and Twitter: @evewrightstudio for the latest information and activities on tours, walks and artist talks.  

As a black led UK organisations, EVEWRIGHT STUDIO and our sister organisation EAF, would like to express solidarity and our deep condolences to the family of George Floyd for his death due to the continued violence and police brutality against black people in the United States. 'I CAN'T BREATHE' was the last three words spoken by George Floyd RIP when his life was taken.
The ongoing public protests in America, the UK and globally shows the depth of feeling of the inequalities black people continue to endure and that without justice there is no peace. To show our support Artist EVEWRIGHT has produced 'I CAN'T BREATHE' a large format protest poster from his image collection. The poster is available free for a limited period until Windrush Day on the 22nd June 2020For more information and to download click link below. 

Evewright Arts Foundation (EAF) is pleased to announce that artist EVEWRIGHT will create 
Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories a unique outdoor art installation at Tilbury Cruise Terminal between September - October 2020. 
This outdoor art and sound installation will be launched in Art Autumn and as part of Black History Month as we emerge out of isolation to bring this important work to you. This has been a time to reflect on the impact of Covid -19 and how, through this artwork, we respond to commemorate and memorialise the lives of the Windrush Generation and their legacy.
The bridge will be a memory walk of images and documents installed on 552 panes of glass representing the lives of Windrush pioneers and descendants.  The installation features  a  soundscape of new and existing audio stories that visitors can download on to their devices using QR codes. The Tilbury Bridge installation will be used as a back drop to a series of live performances from selected artistic practitioners curated by Artist EVEWRIGHT. The theme of 'Transition for renewal' will be explored through experimental drawing, sound, movement, and words.
Many of our elders were once the key workers that kept the National Health Service, public transport and the factories working, a role which many of their descendants now fill. Significantly this period has sadly seen the loss of Caribbean elders and descendants who have been disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 virus. Click link below for more information

In celebration of Black History Month Caribbean Takeaway Takeover : Identities and Stories by EVEWRIGHT, a sound and art installation, has now been commissioned and transferred to Lloyds Banking Group,14th Floor Restaurant at their London Wall building in the heart of London's financial district. The space has been taken over, re-purposed and transformed into a site-specific art and sound experience from (30th October - 30th November 2019). The installation commemorates and celebrates the lives of 12 Windrush elders.
Evewright's caribbean takeaway takeover : identities and stories.          artist talk AT the migration museum london  |  27 June 2019
 Join contemporary artist EVEWRIGHT as he explores the ideas around alternative space and challenges perceptions of where art can be experienced and enjoyed. He will discuss the black artist gaze, storytelling, sound installation and why he uses the medium of photo etching as a means of telling and preserving Black British stories. The event coincides with our staging of EVEWRIGHT’s Caribbean Takeaway Takeover: Identities and stories, an interactive pop-up art and sound installation showcasing the stories of Windrush generation elders by artist EVEWRIGHT that will be on display at the Migration Museum throughout June and July.​​​​​​​
Evewright's caribbean takeaway takeover : identities and stories pop-up exhibition. AT the migration museum london  |  30 May - 28 JuLY 2019
For a limited time only, the inspired art and sound installation Caribbean Takeaway Takeover: Identities and Stories pop-up exhibition will be at the Migration Museum in London from 30th May to 30th June. The programme will include a Caribbean Activity day and spoken word event on the 22nd June as part of the countrywide Windrush Day celebrations. An education workshop will be programmed and on 27th June an Artist Talk will be held as part of the Museum’s TalkART Lates series. This project is in partnership with the Migration Museum and supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

© EVEWRIGHT. Windrush portrait series. Hamilton Williams. 
‘They are far from the truth...’
Photo Etching Intaglio.

Evewright SHOWs at woolwich contemporary print | 22 NOV - 25 NOV 2018

EVEWRIGHT will be showcasing a selection of Caribbean Takeaway Takeover, Windrush Limited Edition intaglio photo etchings as part of Woolwich Contemporary Print Art Fair. His prints will be shown as part of
Thames Side Print Studio artist collective.

Photo: SS Empire Windrush passenger Alford Gardner © EVEWRIGHT all rights reserved 2018
Evewright Arts foundation launches Caribbean Takeaway TakeoveR
|  23 JUNE - 22 JULY 2018

The Caribbean Takeaway is an important cultural meeting place in the Caribbean community. A home from home, the kitchen is where meals are prepared, but also where stories are exchanged and shared. Going back to African roots, cooking and the Dutch pot or cooking pot was the central place for the family activity. The takeaway has just as much cultural importance as the barbershop and the hairdressing salon for black communities living and working in the UK.
Ten selected Caribbean elders from the Windrush generation, who arrived in the UK between the 1940's-1960's, shared their stories with the public using voice and sound recordings. Their stories reveal their journeys, the impact of their contribution to British society and their legacy.
Artist EVEWRIGHT devised a further intervention in the takeaway café space created wall and table collages in conjunction with special limited-edition portraits of the participants using photo etching as a medium. The art installation is an immersive experience which depicts present images but also fading thoughts, aspirations and memories created to document and reflect participants lives. Even some personal documents are shown such as one elder’s original passenger ticket that he bought for his passage to England in 1961 also a letter of a family member in the Homeland asking to receive financial remittance. This project, Caribbean Takeaway Takeover: Identities and Stories, is exhibited free to the public at S&S Caribbean Café & Takeaway, a focus for the black community in Colchester UK. Although the story of migration has always been a current one, this installation helps to give insight into the lives of these ten British adventurers from the Windrush Generation.

Title: British Alien 9.26mins. Stop Motion Animation. © EVEWRIGHT and Harwich & Dovercourt School
Evewright launches FILM 'British Alien' at firstsite gallery in Colchester  |  17 March - 17 JUNE 2018

‘The Britishness Project’ is a groundbreaking exhibition that explores national identity through art.
From September to December 2017, eight professional artists undertook residencies for one term at seven schools and education organisations in Colchester, Harlow and Harwich. During this time, the artists and students aged from 7 to 16 investigated notions of Britishness through art-making. The project used engagement with visual arts to enable young people to explore issues of identity and Britishness in the context of the recent European Referendum.
The residencies have created content for a major exhibition at Firstsite, showcasing work made by young people in a gallery with an international profile. A total of eight projects are exhibited, including a display of loans from the collections of the Colchester and Ipswich Museums that has been curated by students.
The projects consist of works in a variety of mediums including collage, stop motion animation, sculpture and photography, and engage with ideas of identity, landscape, sub-culture, democracy and political voice. By inviting young people to speak up about issues that affect them and their future, The Britishness Project is an opportunity to generate wide-ranging conversations in a public forum on the shifting social, geographic and political identity of Britain.
Evewright worked with the students at Harwich & Dovercourt school, using drawing, stop motion animation to produce an exciting film installation that Explored several themes about what it means to be Young and British in the United Kingdom today. Title: British Alien 9.26mins. Stop Motion Animation. © EVEWRIGHT and Harwich & Dovercourt School.
Evewright Arts Foundation launched and wins National Lottery support!  
| September 2017

Evewright Arts Foundation (EAF), an Essex based arts organisation, has received a National Lottery grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project, Caribbean Takeaway Takeover, in Colchester Essex.
Artist Everton Wright (Evewright) has recently set up Evewright Arts Foundation (EAF) a new not for profit voluntary Essex based community organisation, that will work with young Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people across the UK to advance and develop contemporary arts, culture and heritage within BAME communities. EAF reflects our aims more accurately separating the commercial, from the community projects. EAF is passionate to seek out, find and preserve valuable untold stories from marginalised Black communities and present them in informal settings in an innovative and engaging way bringing hard to reach young and older generations together. We value the importance of our community telling their stories in their own voice.
Made possible by money raised by National Lottery players, the project will archive the voices and stories of eight local African Caribbean elders from Colchester and the surrounding Essex areas. The elders' stories will be recorded by young volunteers and illustrated with hard ground photo-etched portraits, culminating in a Caribbean Takeover weekender exhibition and a two-week exhibition at S&S Caribbean Takeaway in Colchester town centre.
The Caribbean takeaway is a community hub and focus for the black community. The space will be taken over, repurposed and transformed into a weekend of immersive art and a fun family day of activities. The photo etchings and extracts of the audio recordings of participant's stories will be displayed throughout the weekend. Other black elders within the community and their families are invited to pop in to share their experiences, or to record their stories to add to the project. Members of the public are invited to wear, share or donate any ephemera of the period to be photographed and returned. 

Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries video installation involves the screening of two films, Heavy Horses, and Coloured People. A ‘music soundscapes’ and vocalists will accompany the work. The work will be featured at Platform Open a quirky Victorian space of fine art Auctioneers and valuers, Morphets of Harrogate. The installation is an exploration of Britain’s natural coastal heritage, diverse people and horses, bringing the rural seascape to engage with audiences in the city. This will be the first time that a contemporary film installation will be shown in this unique space. Platform open Arts founder and curator, Heidi Donohoe, said: 'My aim from the outset has been to focus on engaging art, people and places by offering a non-conventional approach to how we value, view and participate with art'
Platform Open Exhibition
Morphets, Albert Street. Harrogate. July 15-17


The Firstsite Collectors’ Group Award exists to support artists in Essex or Suffolk with their professional career development. The Collectors’ Group itself is a branch of membership and supports Firstsite as part of the Artist Development programme. The Award is made possible through their continuing engagement and interest in contemporary visual art.
This Bursary award would help my practice expand its work, giving me time to research for my next walking drawing Project, MOTHERLAND. A personal archive, will form the research for sourcing the stories, people and a location for a new public participatory walking drawing art installation in the future. It will be produced using a combination of drawing, performance and documentary film making to bring an inter - generational approach to understanding the Windrush generation. A live installation would take place on a beach with 50 participants in 1950’s period costumes, filmed and photographed then screened and exhibited in various transformed urban spaces.


Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries video installation involves the screening of two films, Heavy Horses, and Coloured People. A ‘music soundscapes’ and vocalists will accompany the work. The work will be featured at the Great Northern Art Show, in Ripon Cathedral, North Yorkshire. The installation is an exploration of Britain’s natural coastal heritage, diverse people and horses, bringing the rural seascape to engage with audiences in the city. This will be the first time that a contemporary film installation will be shown at the Cathedral.
This video installation was displayed as part of the Royal Academy (RA) Summer Exhibition 2014. Prof. Chris Orr MBE RA and Emma Stibbon RA curated the selection and hang of the RA Porter Gallery where they constructed a contemplative space to house the film that continued the theme of light and quoted:
Evewright’s beautiful video ‘Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries’ in which people and horses create a structure of lines and moods on a beach, takes us to an imaginary place far beyond our normal experience”.
Six large format limited edition prints will also be on display, which compliment the Walking Drawings moving imagery. They allow the viewer to consider and experience the scenes throughout the installation as frozen moments, in their own time and space, in a way that is not possible with the moving image. These limited Ripon Edition prints will also be available to purchase at the exhibition.

Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries can be seen at the Great Northern Art Show 2015, Ripon Cathedral:  29 August 2015 – 20 September 2015

Canvas and Sand African Odysseys presents the screening two art films in partnership with BFI South bank and No Colour Bar:Mark of the Hand by Imruh Bakari Caesar uncovers the life and work of Aubrey Williams, a founding member of the Caribbean Artist Movement
Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries by Evewright turns landscape into a canvas. This film captures a work of living art as people ride on and walk the drawings’ lines, writing their stories into the earth. 
No Colour Bar: Black British Art in Action, 1960-1990 Guildhall Art Gallery 10 July 2015 – 24 January 2016 Canvas and Sand Friends of the Huntley Archives at LMA Saturday, 12 September 2015 from 14:00 to 17:00 (BST) BFI NFT3, Southbank Centre Tickets : £6.50 Book Tickets Here at: www.whatson.bfi.org.uk/online/
Evewright Studio starts work on a new Walking Drawing Film 

EVEWRIGHT's most ambitious project to date; bringing a contemporary view to historical events will be a 'period costume piece', set around the Windrush generation of people. These were people who came from the Caribbean throughout the 1950s and the 1960s seeking a new beginning in the 'Motherland' as Britain, the ruler of the British Colonial Empire, was affectionately called at the time.
The idea of the film is to show the long walk and the struggle of that journey to find homes, jobs, and acceptance. The film will depict the struggle of that generation to keep on walking in the face of discrimination, to hold on to the dreams they had when they left their small islands headed for Britain.  

Actors and participants from the general public will be dressed in contemporary fashion of the period, carrying all their belongings in a small bag or 'grip'. A series of walks within the film will document how their hopes, heads held high, become eroded by the struggle to continue to walk, but shows how, through their perseverance, they strive to overcome this.
This work will take place on a British coastline, on common land, a trademark of EVEWRIGHT's work that aims to challenge the consensus around landscape art.In this installation Black people will be placed at the centre of the composition, which adds a social and political dimension to the genre.  
This first film in my new global series of Walking Drawings is from a personal perspective. It represents the story of the post-colonial migration in the 1950s and 60s to the UK, of which my parents were a part. It's my beginning, and the reason why I'm here. EVEWRIGHT
For more information or to contribute contact: everton@evewrightstudio.com


Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries has been chosen to be screened and exhibited at the prestigious ELECTRONICS ALIVE VIII Biennial in Tampa Florida. The screening configuration and curation are yet to be finalised. However, Evewright is excited by the prospect that this will be the first time that this unique film would be externally projected on a huge outdoor screen to captivate audiences.
The University of Tampa presents ELECTRONICS ALIVE VIII, a biennial invitational exhibition of computer animations, interactive digital work, and virtual spaces from around the world. Some significant computer artists will offer lectures and presentations. Visitors have an opportunity to see animated shorts and experimental films on view continuously and 2-D/3-D digital art that includes work from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Sweden Taiwan, Israel, the United Kingdom, and the USA 
University of Tampa, Scarfone/Hartley Gallery
January 27—March 6, 2015

The Young Masters Art Prize offers selected artists the unique opportunity to exhibit alongside Old Masters. Evewright has been selected for the shortlist and the winner will be chosen at the Lloyds club in September. Evewright will be showing his Walking Drawing Across the Estuaries film installation at the exhibition.

Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries a film installation by emerging artist Everton Wright (Evewright) was on display at the renowned Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Exhibition 2014. The artwork a limited edition is shown presented in a custom-framed TV monitor which has attracted the attention of esteemed Royal Academician’s and peers. Following on from this successful exhibition, the work has been selected for the Young Masters Arts Prize 2014 and will be exhibited at the Lloyds Club a prestigious venue in the heart of London’s financial district from 16th September – 5th December 2014. Additionally selected Limited edition Prints will also be available at Sphinx Fine Art Gallery from 14 October 2014 – Friday, 31 October 2014 as part of the competition.
Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries has been chosen for the prestigious Royal Academy of Art's Summer Exhibition in London from 9th June - 17th August 2014. Evewright’s limited edition artwork is only one of two film installations selected for this year’s show and is displayed among the biggest names in contemporary art and architecture. 
Prof. Chris Orr MBE and Emma Stibbon RA have curated the selection and hang of the RA Porter Gallery that continues the theme of light.“Evewright’s beautiful film ‘Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries’ in which people and horses create a structure of lines and moods on a beach, takes us to an imaginary place far beyond our normal experience”. The work is curated in the Porter Gallery where they have constructed a contemplative space to house the film alongside the light-based work Sensing Thought by the renowned James Turrell Hon RA and other notable Royal Academicians.


For the third consecutive year, the trinidad and tobago film festival and ARC Magazine presents New Media, a collection of artist works that explores a range of themes and issues while pushing and blurring boundaries between film and art.

Walking Drawings Across the estuaries was selected for the special progammes segment which was screened at the Medulla Arts Gallery in Woodbrook in Trinidad on the 23 September 2013.  

The festival in its eight year had an impressive line up of filmmakers from across the Caribbean and the Diaspora offering  a range of screenings, conferences and workshops for filmmakers. The festival got underway with Evewright attending a prestigious launch event at Queens Hall with the chance to mingle with filmmakers, directors and producers within the film industry.

| JUNE 2012

Everton Wright's Walking Drawings: Cumbrian Heavy Horses (i), was created on Silecroft Beach, Millom, during 2010. It features 15 local Shire horses. Over two days, the artist, known as Evewright, battled gale force winds to create two short films and a series of large-scale prints. One print image, has been chosen for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2012

The still image has been selected from more than 11,000 entries this year for one of the coveted spaces at the Royal Academy. It will go on display in the Jeanne Kahn Gallery Five Curated by Barbara Rae RA with the collaboration of Chris Wilkinson RA.
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