First UK solo museum show at Firstsite Gallery Colchester
8th July - 29th October 2023
The show’s title refers to the ritual pouring of liquid (usually alcohol-based) to pay homage to deities, ancestors or relatives who have passed away. Offering a libation was part of ancient Egyptian society and remains prominent in traditional Black and African cultures today not only for funerals but as a celebration of life for unions and weddings.

With his major exhibition at Firstsite, EVEWRIGHT seeks to instigate and broaden conversations about what it means to be Black and British in the UK today, via a series of emotionally charged drawings, sculptures, digital films, photography, and recent performance all of which explore themes of migration, identity, race, class and journeys.

Key works on display at the Colchester gallery will include ££ Kissi Pennies $$, a series of sculptures that echo Benin Bronzes and challenge the notion of value, currency, slavery and trade, while also being inspired by modern day migration and the former West African currency known as Kissi Pennies. 
Along with existing work, EVEWRIGHT has been commissioned by Firstsite to produce his first site-specific Walking Drawing artwork that’s been specially conceived to respond to the Firstsite building and the layers of archeology beneath. In the foyer and leading all the way through the vast building into the galleries, visitors will encounter a large floor drawing artwork. Black and bronze paint swept across the floor in abstract patterns and marks will guide visitors through the gallery, echoing and exploring the themes of journeys, movement and migration. This has been filmed and documented in the exhibition as a work in its own right. This unique new piece is displayed in situ during the exhibition period for visitors to enjoy.

© EVEWRIGHT. images above. Lightwell 2, The Exchange. ££ Kissi Pennies $$, Lightwell 1, Libation include the screening of Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries. A two channel art and sound installation, featuring Heavy Horses, Coloured People, and sculpture God Save Us and a new film installation Walking Drawings Libation. Gallery 2 features I Can't Breathe, About Face, picture / sound installation Mother's Touch, paintings Zoom Muses and sculptures Heads of State and new film installation Diamond Dance. 

Images: Richard Ivey and Lyndon Douglas. All rights reserved 2023.
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